The Guernsey Real Nappy Network is an organisation run by volunteers who offer support and advice to anyone using or considering using cloth nappies.

The Network was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit community group the aim of which is to promote the benefits of using real nappies whilst offering independent advice and practical support to anyone in the Bailiwick.

The Guernsey Real Nappy Network have trial kits available to borrow so that you can test some before you spend your money on them. Residents can also claim a subsidy from the States of Guernsey towards real nappies.

Approximately 25% of a disposable nappy is plastic. Single use plastic, which will either be incinerated or end in landfill along with its contents.. The statistics for the number of disposable nappies put in bins every day/week/month are utterly staggering, but many people don’t even contemplate the alternative options. Also, with the waste charges in place in Guernsey, up to £2.50 per bag will quickly add up.

There’s much misinformation suggesting that the washing of reusable nappies makes them just as bad for the environment as disposables, but this often doesn’t take into account the fact that cloth nappies are often used for more than one child, as well as the fact that many users don’t tumble dry them. An extra 2-3 washing loads a week, depending on how many you have, that’s all!

Modern cloth nappies are just as user-friendly as disposables, and much prettier. No need for folding and pinning, or boiling and scrubbing. Yes, they might take a little more effort, but it’s not hard and it’s worth it. Every little helps!

Information from Plastic Free Guernsey

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Cost: Free

Location: Guernsey

Phone: 07781 167437

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