Our basic aim is to help provide cancer support care through a newly opened Maggie’s Centre in the grounds of University Hospital Southampton, which is also available, at no charge, to cancer patients (and their carers/family) from Guernsey and the other Channel Islands. This is principally by (1) raising awareness of Maggie’s services generally and (2) fundraising locally on a proportionate basis.

Maggie’s has pioneered a programme of psychological, practical and social support, available free of charge to people with any type of cancer, delivered by an expert team including cancer support specialists, clinical psychologists, benefits advisors, nutritionists and relaxation therapists. Support by professional staff is available face to face in the Centre or by phone, email and/or online to help people with stress, fear and anxiety, as well as money worries and questions about treatments.

Maggie’s Southampton Centre will significantly improve the experience for people with cancer from the Channel Islands. We offer an alternative and welcoming ‘home away from home’ space to the hospital, waiting rooms and hotel accommodation normally available to those having long inpatient treatment off-Island. They will benefit from having a dedicated place to rest, to access information and group or individual support, and to meet other people with cancer in the community fostered by Maggie’s.

Any money raised are used exclusively for Maggie’s Southampton to make the biggest difference to the people living with cancer, who need us now more than ever. Our teams of specialists support people by phone, video call and online, as well, of course, as face to face wherever possible.


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Guernsey (and Southampton)

Phone: PPW - 07781 157903

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