First Contact Health provide a range of services for your muscle and joint needs. We aim to provide the best in diagnostic and treatment plans.

We have

  • A diagnostic suite with an extremity MRI machine and ultrasound scanner.
  • Highly experienced physiotherapists and sports therapist for the treatment of your pain, improving your mobility and getting you fit again.
  • Specialist equipment designed to help you exercise, whether you are recovering from injury, have arthritic joints or poor circulation.

Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy

  • Our clinical staff have vast experience in the field of musculoskeletal health and sports injuries. 
  • In our Diagnostic appointment we explain what is causing your pain and how we can help to reduce it, returning you back to a healthier life.
  • We may recommend further tests as part of the diagnostic process, such as an MRI or ultrasound. These can be arranged in-house with a short waiting time.
  • With an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan can be explained and advice on the expected number of treatment sessions you may need.
  • Any exercises prescribed can be sent to you via a secure video app.

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