First Contact Health provide a range of services for your muscle and joint needs. We aim to provide the best in diagnostic and treatment plans.

We have

  • A diagnostic suite with an extremity MRI machine and ultrasound scanner.
  • Highly experienced physiotherapists and sports therapist for the treatment of your pain, improving your mobility and getting you fit again.
  • Specialist equipment designed to help you exercise, whether you are recovering from injury, have arthritic joints or poor circulation.

Pause on Aging

Starting to find everyday tasks more difficult?

Climbing the stairs becoming a chore?

Cutting your toenails causing a problem?

Worrying about a fall?

Evidence shows that targeted exercise can help reverse these early signs of ageing, increasing our strength and balance and keeping our minds and bodies agile.

If exercise were a pill, we’d all be taking it!

Here, at First Contact Health, we can offer you a comprehensive assessment showing you the areas you may need to work on.

We can work with you helping to improve your ageing journey and agree a plan together.

You can then choose:

  • One to one individual sessions with our specialist physiotherapist
  • Group activities with new friends targeting your individual needs
  • Home exercise programmes for you to practice at home with our support

Home visits can be arranged as required

Whichever options you choose to support your independence, we offer free regular reviews so that you remain in charge of your ageing.

Make your friends and family proud, make yourself proud, put a pause on ageing!