Felicity Haskins is a divorce counsellor, helping people to get through the often difficult process of obtaining a divorce or separation. Felicity will bridge the gap between the matrimonial lawyer and the individual undergoing the process of divorce or separation. She will help to ease the process, save expensive legal fees and offer emotional support and counselling through a difficult time.

Felicity has over 30 years of experience as a highly successful Matrimonial Lawyer and Notary Public (now retired). In her current capacity as a divorce counsellor, she will provide services for clients considering divorce or separation, rather than offer legal advice. Felicity has deep knowledge of the intricacies and workings of the law, which most divorce counsellors do not have.

What does a divorce counsellor/coach do?

Planning and strategy, hand holding/helping with paperwork, attending professional meetings so that the right questions are asked, obtaining good advice on all issues arising out of the breakdown of the relationship, helping disentangle finances and assisting with every aspect of separation or divorce. She aims to help you to prioritise your needs and view matters objectively.

She will be able to offer support on the best approach and how to work with the Matrimonial Lawyer, as well as offering the emotional and practical support you need to get through this difficult time.

Contact Felicity today to find out more about her services and arrange an initial meeting.

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Location: Guernsey

Phone: 07781 121303

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