Co-Op Pet Care Card

Make sure there is someone there for your pets when you can’t be. What are Pet Cards? As a pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, [...]

Guernsey Vets4Pets

The Vets4Pets practice in St Martins is open but operating with a much reduced team and hours. We are still able to provide medicine and food and we are still [...]

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts provides pet supplies for a wide range of animals and birds and is offering a free Island wide delivery service. Items can usually be delivered the same day, [...]

The Cinnamon Trust

The Cinnamon Trust is the national charity whose wonderful volunteers help people over retirement age and those in the latter stages of a terminal illness by offering all kinds of [...]

Cat Concern Guernsey

Cat Concern Guernsey is run entirely by a very small team of volunteers. The charity is here to support elderly or ill people who may need help with their pet; [...]


The companionship that a pet offers is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. A pet can be a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation for their owners. [...]

Wellbeing Animals Guernsey

WAG therapy dogs help many people as part of an holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Who can benefit? Patients at the hospital, people at day centres, residents in care [...]