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Kulpa App (Previously Injury Capture)

Kulpa App (which was previously known as Injury Capture, empowers victims of violent crime, abuse and sexual assault to record and safely store legally-admissible evidence until they feel ready to go [...]

Co-Op Pet Care Card

Make sure there is someone there for your pets when you can’t be. What are Pet Cards? As a pet owner, you provide your pet with food and water, shelter, [...]

The Princess Elizabeth Hospital

The Princess Elizabeth Hospital is the only acute hospital in Guernsey. Officially opened in 1949 by the Princess Elizabeth the PEH celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. Since then, the PEH [...]

Off Island Travel Hospital Support

What is the Off-Island Travel Service?If you have been referred to a UK Hospital for treatment you most likely have a lot of questions.Here at Health Connections we operate alongside [...]

Lifeline Services

What is the Lifeline telephone service? The Lifeline telephone system enables: Help to be summoned in an emergency 24 hours a day by simply pressing a button on a telephone [...]