Nutritional therapy uses food and supplements to help rebalance your body systems, aiming for optimum health and promoting healing and recovery.
It works well alongside conventional medicine and is relevant to anyone looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Health issues which may be helped with Nutritional Therapy:
Energy / Fatigue issues
Digestive problems
Recurrent colds / infections
Menopause / P.M.S.
Thyroid support
Memory and concentration
Mood Swings
Diabetes and Imbalanced Blood Sugar
Headaches / Migraines
Joint aches and Pains / Arthritis
Food Intolerances

You may have seen your GP who has run all of the appropriate test and informed you that the results are normal and there is nothing to worry about, but your symptoms have not improved and you still don’t feel well.

If you are low in specific vitamins or minerals, have an imbalanced fat intake, are short of protein or eating unhelpful carbohydrates – making changes to your diet could really help.

But identifying these problems and changing your diet is hard on your own – this is where I can help. By providing knowledge, support, guidance and motivation at each appointment I can help you to change your diet and make positive health improvements.

I do mainly one to one consultations. I run a healthy Weight Class which run almost all year which focuses on eating well and making better lifestyle choices. Every so often I do a Menopause Workshop and am about to run a Fermenting Foods workshop.

I am also available for Corporate presentations – teaching the workforce to eat better and take control of their health and lifestyle.

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