Bulstrode Oncology Unit is a day unit that provides outpatient services to adults with a cancer diagnosis.

Patients attend the unit to have consultations with their medical oncologists to discuss their diagnosis and determine a plan, which may recommend some form of treatment.

Whilst some specialised treatments need to be given in Southampton, the majority of treatments for cancer can be given locally in the unit by specially trained nurses. You may have heard the term SACT, this stands for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy and means any treatment to help your condition and is not necessarily chemotherapy.

There are a number of side-effects that may occur as a result of treatment.  They can vary according to the type of medication used but would be discussed with you at a pre-chemotherapy consultation with your nurse.

Hair loss can occur with some forms of chemotherapy treatment.  The oncology unit is fortunate to have been supported by the Walk the Walk charity who provided and maintain two scalp cooling machines that may help to reduce the amount of hair lost during treatment. This is not suitable for use with all treatments but can be discussed with your nurse. Further information can be found here https://paxmanscalpcooling.com/scalp-cooling

If you do lose your hair as a result of your cancer treatment and wish to have a wig this can be arranged by Bulstrode Oncology Unit.

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Cost: Free

Age: Adults

Address: Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Phone: 01481 707408

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