Accessible taxi drivers have had additional training to assist people with a range of disabilities and long term conditions.

The vehicles have been specially adapted to carry a wheelchair if required, and the cab has good internal lighting to assist people who may have a visual impairment.

Accessible taxis display the international access symbol on their vehicle.

Booking an Accessible Taxi

Accessible taxis can operate from ranks AND they can be pre-booked by phoning the taxi operator or taxi driver.

Accessible taxi contact details

There are currently four licenced accessible taxi operators. They can be contacted by phone, text or email.

Harvey’s Taxis telephone 07781 406222 Email:

Ashley Lacey telephone 07781 178 178 Email:

Daniel Le Sauvage telephone 07781 162 662 Email:

Pete’s Accessible Taxi telephone 07781 111511 Email:

For more information please see “Guide to Accessible Taxis”. The Guide can be downloaded here.

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